Sciyon is devoted to providing services for newenergy vehicles in three major fields: new energy vehicle power systemsolutions, new energy Internet-of-Vehicles solutions, new energy vehiclecharging station monitoring system solutions.

New energyvehicle power system

Sciyon KA800 pure electric vehicle system iscomposed of a vehicle controller unit (VCU), a high-voltage power distributionequipment, a drive motor controller, a three-in-one controller, a steeringassisting oil pump, a brake assisting air pump, a drive motor, a vehicleterminal, a accelerator pedal, a brake pedal and a gears. All core componentsof the KA800 pure electric system are all independently developed by Sciyon,with strict checks in all aspects such as spare parts procurement, processingand production, output examination. In addition, it has the SS800 vehiclecontrol program imported from Germany. Finally, Sciyon KA800 pure electricvehicle system features lower power consumption, safer performance and morewonderful experience.

Internet ofnew energy vehicles

Sciyon has more than ten years ofexperience in SmartCloud platform development. The SmartCloud platform systemlaunched by Sciyon is widely used by large power companies and wins highappreciation. Sciyon lately launched its solution of the Internet of new energyvehicles, known as "Chamberlain of Sciyon electronic vehicles" which integratesthe company's independently developed intelligent application modules of"cloud diagnosis", "cloud simulation" and "cloudbenchmarking". It can give full play to the application experience in the intelligentcloud computing environment, so that users can get all information of theirvehicles in time through wireless devices.

New energyvehicle charging station monitoring system

The system consists of four parts, namely,charging station data collection and transmission system, cloud platform(Sciyon SmartCloud platform or built by enterprises), client terminal accessand the Internet. The charging station data collection and transmission systemis mainly responsible for collecting the charging station data and transmittingthe data to the Internet. Cloud platform collects, sorts, manages and storesthe data. Client terminal provides a user-friendly access interface throughwhich users can easily inquire and manage the charging station data.

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