Intelligentdistributed and centralized PV inverter system solution

Sciyon distributed and centralized PV invertersystem is a grid-connected solution integrating inverters and decentralizedtracking. It adopts advanced control and communication technologies to constructa monitoring system, 4G network and Sciyon SmartCloud based on power linecarrier communication, RS485 and fiber optic Ethernet ring network, to produce remotereal-time monitoring capability and monitor each string of power generationdata. At the same time, the inverter and intelligent combiner box alsoincorporates a fault recording and broadcasting function which can conducttransient record and broadcast to help engineers find causes of fault in realtime. Besides, by virtue of using dispersed MPPT optimization, the front intelligentcombiner box realizes the decentralized tracking function of 2 ~ 4 strings ofPV modules /one MPPT. After convergence, it uses the new, highly efficient PVpower generation solution with a centralized inverter, greatly reducing theloss of efficiency caused by inconsistent module parameters, partial shade,elevation differences.

Solutions ofintelligent distributedPV inverter system

Sciyon distributed PV inverter system solutions,which can effectively improve and solve the problems in the construction,operation and maintenance of traditional centralized power plants, are suitablefor use in many distributed PV power generation sites, feature simple network construction,can be installed nearby outdoor in a distributed way and allow flexiblecombination by choosing the appropriate inverters according to capacity,effectively reducing the effect of inconsistent components on power generating capacity.Each inverter has independent MPPT which traces each module separately tominimize the effect of failures, conduct fine management of output of eachpanel and systematically improve the overall generating capacity. When partialshade or partial failure occurs, the rest can still have the maximum poweroutput, except the affected parts.

Sciyon distributed PV inverter system featuresmodularization, simple on-site installation and debugging, advancedcommunication technology, and it integrates Sciyon SmartCloud system to realizeremote real-time monitoring, with no need of maintenance and guidance byprofessional engineers.

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