Based on Sciyon high-quality NT6000 distributedcontrol system, DEH-NTK turbine digital electro-hydraulic control system,integrated electric actuator, mature field bus technology, and rich experiencein engineering, the solutions of fuel gas - steam combined cycle powergeneration can provide an integrated complete control solution for 9F or abovelevel fuel gas - steam combined cycle generation units, making Sciyon amanufacturer which receives most records of carrying out integrated control of6E and above fuel gas - stream combined cycle power generation units.

In addition to providing integratedcontrol on NT6000 distributed control system and DEH-NTK turbine digitalelectro-hydraulic control system, dedicated interfaces for GE SPEEDTRONIC MARKVIe, SIEMENS SPPA-R3000/T3000, MHI Diasys Netmation widely used in the gasturbine control system of domestic fuel gas - steam combined cycle powergeneration units are provided to connect with the human-machine interfaceservers thereof to communicate with the fuel gas turbine control system for anintegrated control.

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