Keeping pace with the cutting-edge technologiesin modern era, Sciyon launches a warehouse logistics tracking management solutionfor iron and steel enterprises with independent intellectual property rightsand based on optical character recognition (OCR) and radio frequencyidentification (RFID) technology, for iron and steel enterprises. The solutionintroduces image recognition devices with the ability of perception andembedded mobile devices to conduct a comprehensive perception of the status ofthe production materials and the operational behaviors of production equipmentbased on the current most advanced IoT technology and targeting travelingcranes and warehouses, and builds a data transmission platform for collection,integration and control of information on production processes via the wirelessnetwork, ensuring smooth material and data flows during the production,improving the accuracy and real-timeness of inventory information, andeffectively improving the efficiency of iron and steel production and reducingresource consumption The system, serving as an information bridge between the informatizedmanagement system and the process control system, is the foundation for realizinginformation sharing and integrated management and control in the whole plant.
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