Manufacturingexecution system (MES)

Sciyon manufacturing execution system (MES) is aproduction informatized management system geared to the needs of executives ofmanufacturer's workshop. Staying between management and control layers, itmainly serves the enterprise production management and scheduling control,visually showing the whole process of production planning and scheduling,production organization, operation, production quality control, productionconsumption, material balance and production performance via a unifiedplatform. It provides effective means for dynamic management of production,which can help companies reduce costs, give full play to the potential andimprove efficiency, save energy and reduce emissions, and improve quality.  

The system uses IoT technology-based intelligentinformation management platform to establish an enterprise-level productioncontrol center, so as to realize the integration of real-time production information,business information, material information, and management and controlinformation; it serves to help enterprises improve business performanceobjectives, and realize sustained optimization and development. 

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