Based on the NT6000 DCS and thecomplete solutions to the digital water treatment ofthe factory information system, SCIYON brings municipal water treatment more energy-saving,environmental friendly and economic operation methods, which is a contributionto urban ecological construction and also a typical application of the Internetof things. In the chemical industry, the solutions of SCIYONto safety instrumentation systems that lead production devices into predefinedsafety startup and shutdown working conditions,effectively clear up the potential hazard caused by incontrollable energyconversion during production. In the fields of metallurgy, building materialsand light industry, etc., the NT6000 system,featuringmultiple buses and strong compatibility that break through the framework of traditionalcontrol systems, is able to easily realize the integration of itself with variousintelligent instruments and control devices, thus contributing to theenhancement of enterprise operation value. 

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