SyncPlant is an operation platform designed to provide unified integrationand management control for enterprise management information system. Differentkinds of enterprise business systems are directly built on or connected to theplatform, and the system will integrate individual business systems into theclosely-related whole one, thus improving synergy and overall efficiency.

SyncPlantprovides a unified work environment and business portal for enterprise users,who may have efficient communication and assistance in this unified platformand carry out all business and management work.

SyncPlant provides a new development and maintenancemode, which builds systems with business description instead of codes as thecore, thus fully realizing “fast development, flexible adjustment, businessdriving and technology neutral” and meeting the information strategy goal of“overall planning, distributed implementation, self-control and on-demandchange”.


1)construction of unified business portal and personalized task center;

2) seamlessly integrated core application system andstrong business synergy and information correlation capacity;

3)provision of unified information resource configuration and knowledge sharing;

4)consummated organization and authority allocation support;

5)online visualized business mode and customization function of businessprocedure;

6)powerful online reports, offering rich templates and graphics libraries;

7)complete B/S structure, supporting mainstream relation database and real-timedatabase;

8)general and flexible external interfaces.

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