Complete solution for power plant supervisoryinformation system (SIS)

Based on Sciyon’saccumulation in power generation industry for two decades, supervisoryinformation system (SIS) of power plant realizes the sharing of productioninformation through connection with real-time data of control systems, andprovides service for the production process of the whole plant with the goal ofimproving safety and cost efficiency.

SIS of Sciyon has beensuccessfully applied in hundreds of large and medium power plants and receiveduniversal praises from users, including national and provincial qualificationhonors and appraisal from national power authorities, taking a leading positionin the power industry of China.

Main functions

System setup

Include identity and authority management, fixed value management, data entry and duty roster management.


Real-time monitoring

Provides Web browser simultaneously for 50 users and open the picture within 2s, the data refresh rate of the picture is less than 2s.


History curves

Provided totally in the form of Web, can provide 50 users to call out the data 10 years ago within 2s.


Comprehensive report

Totally Web-based report setup and management platform, supports sophisticated secondary computation and user-defined forms.


Plant-level performance computation


Fault diagnosis and accident prediction

Continuously monitors the running condition of the entire system as a safety assistant to the operation personnel, notifies the abnormal condition of the system to the operation personnel timely with accuracy and efficiency, if the system does not give any suggest, the operation personnel may not keep watching on the screen.

In order to achieve this purpose, the system adopts totally different processing method from conventional alarm, on the one hand, it reduces interference of invalid alarm through optimization of information representation form, combination and concentration of low-value alarms, intelligent processing of alarm conditions and locking of entrained alarm by major cause alarm; On the other hand, it identifies thermal parameters with process system knowledge, monitors the personnel operation, provides accident prediction function, and provides potential problems to the operator in time for eliminating them timely.


Operation evaluation

With comprehensive application of data from real-time system and management system, evaluates operation personnel in four aspects i.e. regime, workload, safety and economy for promoting operation management level.  

Record and statistics for deviation of main parameter from optimum value;

Record and statistics important operating status: oil filling, coal mill startup, switchover of pumps, interlock, automatic fill and switchover, etc.

Automatic record of faults of main and auxiliary equipment: auxiliary equipment trip, out of control of valve, etc.


 Life statistical analysis

Provides over-temperature and over-pressure running data of equipment for life analysis.


Operation optimization

Energy loss analysis

 Load allocation of the generating unit  

Optimized scheduling of circulating water

Ash blowing operation analysis of heat exchanger

Operation guide module

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