With more than ten years’ mature experience in thermal control and electrical engineering, Sciyon not only provides complete product chain for thermal engineering automation from distributed control system (DCS), auxiliary workshops(water, ash, coal, desulfurization and air conditioning) process control system, thermal control panel, console and cabinet, industrial television supervision, frequency control to SIS, virtual DCS simulation system and distributed energy measuring and monitoring system, but also provides complete solution for scheme design, product supply, field commissioning and technical training, etc.


Functions achieved

Sciyon realizes supervisory and control of boiler, turbine and its accessories, auxiliary water cooling system, generation-transformer and plant power supply, auxiliary workshop (water, ash, coal) and desulfurization etc. in large generating unit.

Specific features:

Data acquisition system (DAS)
Modulating control system(MCS)
Sequence control system(SCS)
Furnace safety supervisory system (FSSS)
Electric control systems (ECS)
By-pass control system (BPS)
Turbine digital electric hydraulic system (DEH)
Turbine emergency trip system (ETS)
Micro electro hydraulic control system (MEH)


Main technical features of solution to automation of large generat

ing unit
With the quickly changing computer technology, communication technology, control technology and display technology, Sciyon is actively devoted to development of DCS functions in order to maximize production benefit of thermal power plant and make the plant obtain excellent return on DCS investment. Its main technical features and functions are as follows:
Not only satisfy the need for very quick control, for example, ETS, MFT, etc. requires the protection system with the executing speed within 50ms, but also satisfy the need for application of large system through the flexible extension functions of control system.
DPU has multi-task allocation function, it assigns different tasks for DPU processing period according to data processing requirements and requirements of control functions in order to utilize DPU resource reasonably.
Graphic configuration mode directly outputs SAMA diagram and logic diagram.
Provides various kinds of fieldbus communication interfaces such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Profibus DP, HART etc., can connect directly with such devices as transducer, actuator, electric protector etc. that supports fieldbus into DCS without the need of intermediate conversion links.
Professional control module for thermal engineering automation is developed according to the control demand of large thermal power plant.
Provides online configuration function, can modify control configuration timely without affecting normal running of other control logics of related controllers.
Provides optimum algorithm of setting parameters of the regulating system, ensures quick response of the system, but also avoids system oscillation, thus further improving the quality and accuracy of regulation control.
Developed dedicated SIS interface in combination with the need of production management system for power plant, ensures safety of DCS while providing data to SIS system.
Provides virtual DCS simulation technology, DCS system can be subjected to strict simulator debugging before delivery, that is, as if DCS provided to user has experienced actual running, thus greatly improves delivery quality and facilitates operator training and improves operating level.

Setup of control system 

Engineer station: 1 unit, operator station: 5 units, SIS interface machine: 1 unit, alarm printer: 1 unit, record printer: 2 units, network printer: 1 unit, printer for engineer station: 1 unit, plasma large screen: 1 set, GPS: 1 set.


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