The prepaid heating network monitoringand management system developed by Sciyon is mainly used for metering,monitoring and management of the steam heating of the power plant. The systemconducts real-time monitoring, control and management of the pipe network and theterminals, displays real-time terminal parameters and alarms, realize remotemeter reading, data history recording and historical curve inquiry, automaticallymakes various reports through the wireless communication network; the prepaidmanagement module of the system can provide operation management personnel andfinancial officers with heat users’ account information and user-definedsettlement bills, and the system can inform the heat users to make timely rechargingaccording to the steam use situation. When users violate the contractprovisions in the use of steam or failure occurs on site, heating networkadministrators can also remotely close the valve and cut off steam supply. 

Compared with the existing traditionalheating network management means, the system can reduce human error, improveefficiency, avoid disputes, earlier money returning, speed up turnover, so asto greatly enhance the economic efficiency of the heating network.

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