Adopting a budget management mechanism orientedby target profits and cash activities and following the idea of "driven-by-goals,responsibilities in place, closed-loop control, deviation management", SyncPlantoperation management system establishes the main target of the plant for the wholeyear (profit, taxes, electricity costs, expenditure, economic indicators, fuelcosts, etc.), establishes the economic indicators for major productiontechnologies, as well as various indicators of resource consumption andexpenditures in production and operation in a scientific and reasonable way onthe basis of simulation and budget in line with the development plan andbusiness strategy of the power plant as well as the actual situation of thepower plant and the related power grid, breakdown and allocate them to shifts(or individuals) based on the predetermined target, and carry out assessment oftarget responsibilities; in the meanwhile, conducts timely statistics of theperformance of related production and operation tasks and gives the differencesfrom the planned targets or indicators to enhance process control, and conductstimely analysis of adverse differences from the target and take correctiveactions to keep the production and operation of the whole enterprise undercontrol and realize corporate goals.
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