The power plant informatization constructionfocuses on the equipment assets management system. SyncPlant equipment assetsmanagement realizes the whole process management covering production,implementation and acceptance check of projects such as power plant equipmentdefect and technical reform management, in accordance with the mainline ofequipment design, installation, operation, establishment and maintenance. Interms of a set of specific equipment, it includes not only basic informationsuch as general conditions, equipment parameters, equipment classification, butalso equipment maintenance records, equipment defect history, equipmentabnormal behaviors and other real-time information.

The system confirms the processes ofpreventive maintenance, spot check, periodical repair, major/minor repair forthermal power plant equipment in the form of software process, whichstrengthens the business connection among departments, thus to realize theprocess management in the maintenance process. The system provides maintenancepersonnel with the information about the whole process of the preparation,review and approval of spare parts inventory information and material plans andthe procurement, incoming and acceptance, storage, acquisition and consumptionof materials, via integrated management of equipment and materials. With integratedequipment management, plan management and budget control, the system can helpmaintenance personnel calculate the budget cost of the project in time while developinga project plan, confirm the total costs of major and minor repairs, or plannedcosts of technical reform and annual maintenance based on the budget cost, and takestatistics and make auxiliary analysis of the total cost of the project afterthe implementation of the project.

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