Parameter Detection and Optimization System forCombustion System


The average concentrations andtemperatures of O2, CO and H2O can be measuredsimultaneously using the detecting system for online laser network combustionparameters based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS).Generally, multiple paths are arranged in one or multipe layers of a boiler bymeans of a grid pattern to obtain gas concentrations of the furnace combustion cross section and temperature profile analysischart. This system is also referred to as a boiler CT machine.

The TDLAS measuring technique is able toreproduce the combustion conditions of the furnance.

Theoptimized operation of a boiler combustion system is realized on the basis ofimportant parameters such as the temperature field and CO & O2concentrations inside the furmance obtained via online detection during thecombustion of the boiler, by means of advanced control logic, controlalgorithms or artificial intelligence techniques, and through combustionoperation methods such as online optimiaztion of boiler’s air distribution andcoal blending.

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