Servo Driver

HC series servo is a new generation servo drive system with high performance recently developed by Sciyon according to development and field commissioning experience of control system product for years on the basis of deep research of various international advanced servo driver products.
HC series servo integrates the latest digital processing with automatic control technology and power electronic technology, and the driver is of high precision, wide modulating range, reliable security and convenient application etc. In cooperation with SC series PLC system, it can easily build various drive control systems up to field requirement, which is applied to industries such as new energy resources, injection machine, forging machinery, packaging machine, textile and handing flow line etc. 

Product features:  

1. High reliability

a.  The product can be operated under -30~55°C environment. All devices adopt industrial-level or military-level, printed board is protectively coated, minimal stray capacitance is designed to fully consider electromagnetic compatibility, and design plan for excellent heat transfer is used. All parts are connected through optimal design to ensure operate in severe natural environment such as wind power hub.
b.  Speed sensor-less technology can further cut down cost and improve reliability.
Wall-through mounting and intelligent fan design can be selected to improve heat load performance of the whole machine.
2. High-power:
HC series series servo has power range of 5.5~15KW. Each model can realize up to 3 times torque capacity, and torque regulation has strong robustness and excellent regulating characteristic.
3. Wide speed regulation range:
a. One important performance index of AC servo driver is wide speed regulation range. Generally, domestic AC servo driver has a ratio of 5000:1. By means of high precision encoder, the foreign AC servo driver can realize speed regulation ratio of 100000:1 or above.
 b. By means of excellent control algorithm, Sciyon AC servo driver can realize speed regulation ratio of 15000:1 after equipped with standard 2500 line encoder.
4. Excellent low speed performance:
Another important performance index of AC servo driver is low speed, which is highly required by traditional machine industry and turntable application.
By means of excellent control algorithm, Sciyon AC servo driver can realize low speed operating with stable revolution of 0.05rpm after equipped with standard 2500 line encoder.
5. Perfect protection function:
 a. Input/output lacking phase protection.
 b. DC bus over-voltage and under-voltage protection, short-circuit protection and over-current protection.
 c. IGBT drive over-voltage and under-voltage protection, VCE protection, over-current protection.
 d. Ground fault protection.
 e. Output short-circuit protection, output over-current protection
6. Abundant monitoring functions:
 a. Safety operation protection of encoder feedback error detection and sensor less detection.
 b. Load detection protection
 c. Over-speed and run away protection
 d. Motor locking protection

7. Abundant interface functions:

a. Pulse mode instruction, analog input and CANOpen interface.

b. Can be operated in position loop, speed loop, torque loop and sensor less mode.

c. Can be connected with incremental encoder and rotating transformer interface.

d. Reliable brake control.

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