sc series PLC is a new generation programmable control system with high performance recently introduced by Sciyon based on over a decade of experience in R&D and field commissioning as well as deep research of various internationally advanced PLC systems.
I. System overview

The PLC combines currently most advanced digital processing, control and communication network technology, it features safety, reliability, convenient application and open framework. The user can build various control systems flexibly and easily for various field demands, this system is suitable for various areas such as logic control, sequence control, process control, drive control and so on. Its application field covers energy, chemical engineering, textile, metallurgy, iron and steel, municipal engineering, etc.

II. Features of the system  

1. Strong operation function

On basis of new generation dual-core POWERPC processor and high real-time operating system, the system has single instruction operation processing cycle of 8ns, strong floating point operation and multi-task processing capacity, and 128M user program space.

2. High reliable design

All parts in the system adopt industrial device and are electrically isolated, which have passed IEC electromagnetic compatibility certification to ensure the reliable operation in various industrial field.

3. Convenient programming environment

Programming software of system supports various programming IEC61131-3 standards, not only completes conventional PLC logic control and sequence control task, but also embedded regulating algorithmic module of various process control, so that users can conveniently realize control task for various fields.

4. High point capacity

sc series PLC  controller of the system, equipped with 2 high-speed Ethernet interfaces, 3 CANOPEN interfaces, 1 MODBUS 485 interface, 1 serial 232 interface, has high point capacity.

5. Open industrial bus

The system supports various open industrial bus, including CANOPEN, MODBUS and PROFIBUS etc., in which MODBUS and CANOPEN do not require for other accessories and the controller is equipped with corresponding port.

6. Flexible rail mounting

Suitable module of the system is mounted by flexible rail. Local bus is realized through terminal assembly between modules. Removable terminals are used for module so that users can conveniently build various control system.

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