S-series intelligent and W-series frequency-governing electricactuators are intelligent products integrating multiple cutting-edgetechnologies such as bus control, absolute encoder, remote control, OLEDdisplay, magnetic switch control, fully-opened cap and frequency governing.These electric actuators are powerful in functions, stable and reliable inperformance and convenient in use, meet international advanced standards, andare widely used in the fields such as electricity, petroleum, papermaking,chemicals, iron and steel, cement and water treatment.


l Non-intrusive design program, realizing no opencap commissioning:

Dual-sealingprotection structure, realizing no open cap commissioning; highest protectiongrade of IP68.

l  Friendlyand graphical Chinese/English HMI:

Adopting OLED displaytechnology and providing customized multiple states and alarm informationoutput for convenient use.

l Reliable valve position stroke measurement:

Adopting16-bit optical gray code absolute encoder technology, with stable performance,high collection precision and power-off memory functions.

l  Phase sequenceself-diagnosis and multiple security protection function:

Providingfunctions such as automatic phase sequence identification, instantaneousreversal protection, automatic dredging protection, bi-directional torqueindependent setting protection, phase loss protection, overheating protection,over-current protection, over-torque protection and passive monitoring.

l  Superioranti-jamming capability:

The controlunit adopts cutting-edge anti-jamming design concept, reaches industrial 3rd gradeafter EMC electromagnetic compatibility test, and is applicable to differentstrong jamming conditions.

l  Multipleredundant communication interfaces:

Supporting multiplecommunication protocols and communication redundancies such asPROFIBUS-DPV0/DPV1, MODBUS and CANopen, good for increasing the automationcontrol level and realizing a digital plant.

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