SyncBASEis a real-time database product developed by Nanjing Sciyon Software TechnologyCo., Ltd in 2001, it is able to safely and stably realize interfacing withvarious control systems on site, and carry out high efficiency compression forthe acquired data. The practical secondary computation and long time historicalstorage can help enterprise realize real-time data sharing in the entire plantso as to provide solid data foundation and scientific basis for raising theproduction and management level, reducing production cost and strengtheningcompetitive power of the enterprise. 

Techniacal  features

1) million-level measuring point capacity;

2) completedata analysis and management software;

3)microsecond-level data storage accuracy, high-efficiency compressiontechnology;

4) full range ofcontrol system interface protocols, supporting multiple secondary developmentinterface;

5) Cross-platformdesign and distributed framework;

6) relational data diskstorage and query, supporting SQL-language;

7) support the construction of group-level real-time productiondata platform;

8) 250,000-pointslong-period onsite stable operation test

9) full range of clientapplication and presentation tool;

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