NT6000 Distributed control system



Outline of cabinet



NT6000 distributed control system (DCS) is a new generation product with reliable, easily use and advance characteristics. NT6000 is the product based on Sciyon’s over a decade’s technical accumulation through introduction, digestion and absorption of international advanced technology and in combination with domestic demand on automation. “Easy for use externally, robust in core; limitless speed, wise control; data interconnects, information emerges.” The claim of NT6000 for brand centrally represents the recognition and unremitting pursuit of Sciyon for the essence of DCS, strict standard makes DCS becoming a leading product. At present, this product has obtained several patents such as “general industrial controller”, “coal-fired power plant automatic control system based on artificial intelligence”, etc., and passed the science and technology achievement appraisal by the expert group of China Electricity Council in 2009.

System structure

1.Easy for external use, robust in core


The distributed process unit adopts industrial-level dual-core POWER PC processor with RISC of low power consumption without fan. Each distributed process unit has two network interfaces connected to different physical network segments for simultaneous operation.
All assemblies are made by hermetically sealed metal package and multilayer printed circuit board and SMT technology, have stronger EMC and immunity to interference with three-stage EMC (partially reaching four stages). 

Redundancy distributed network design and P2P network structure. The network adopts group multicast technology, and the data transmission adopts active transmission mechanism, the distributed process unit only needs to send data once regardless of the number of operator stations with constant load.


Graphic configuration mode, adopts mouse-drag-and-drop automatic connecting wire technology and connection technology for catching of pins of adjacent modules, the configuration result output directly in SAMA graph without repeat drawing of logic chart and SAMA graph.

 The installation and maintenance of control cabinet is convenient, all the assemblies and connecting pieces inside the cabinet adopt standard and modular structure, installation of them does not require any special tools, thus eliminating wiring inside the cabinet and power wiring.

 Alarm is realized in the controller, the alarm data are totally synchronous, complex alarm logic judgment is fulfilled through configuration in the controller so as to realize advanced and intelligent alarm function.


2.Limitless speed, proper control


The distributed process unit is based on RISC 8247 chip, its speed is equivalent to 400M Pentium, and performs operation once every 100ms for 1000 PIDs with a load <2%.

The operating response time cycle <(total time from sending operating order from the keyboard or mouse to display of return signal on LCD)

Control period <50ms, quickest period <25ms (including communication time of I/O modules with CPU)

The number of historical trend points is 100,000 and quickest acquisition period of historical data is 100ms.

The controller contains advanced control such as self-setting of PID parameters and pre-estimation control of multiple variables.

Sciyon has developed various types of control modules specialized for power plants. Including: module for coordination between turbine and boiler, module for coordination of main pipe pressure, module for steam pressure regulation, module for adjustment of primary steam temperature, module for adjustment of reheating steam temperature, module for adjustment of water level, module for regulation of furnace negative pressure, module for air volume regulation, module for adjustment of deaerator/steam condenser water level, decoupling module for steam extraction regulation, etc.; equipment-level modules for circuit breaker, motor, electric gate, regulating gate, inverter, etc.; computation module for calculation of flow compensation, air volume compensation, steam drum water level, etc.


3.Digital interconnection, emerging information


Fieldbus of NT6000 system has the ability for process data exchange and information diagnosis by continuous digital communication between it and intelligent field instrument and intelligent control device and supports multiple standard fieldbus protocols. Provides various fieldbus communication interfaces such as Profibus DP, FF, HARTModbus, etc., can connect equipment such as transducer, actuator, electric protective device, etc. supporting fieldbus into the redundancy eBUS of the system through direct communication. Fieldbus scheme of NT6000 saves construction cables and bridges, thus saves system investment; improves transmission accuracy; can transmit diagnosis data, improves integration and intelligentization of field equipment, thus lays a foundation for implementation of digitalized power plant.

Meanwhile, the system conveniently provides various field data (including a ll field real-time data, historical data, status information and diagnosis data of equipment) to up-level management network, and distribute relevant information to cellular phones through GPRS and 3G network so as to facilitate operation maintenance. 


4.Application of fieldbus  


NT6000 distributed control system supports application of fieldbus, obtains process data and diagnosis information through digital communication mode from intelligent control device such as transducer, actuator and electric protective device etc. to improve signal transmission accuracy and speed, reduce investment and improve intelligentization and informatization of field equipment. NT6000 also provides redundancy solution for various fieldbus based on industrial Ethernet and supports high-reliability hybrid application of various fieldbus like Profibus, FF, Can etc.
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