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If you want to enter a company, you must be careful to choose. Because when you choose a company and become its employee, you set foot on a boat, the ships destiny and your fate firmly linked together from then on. The company is a ship, youre a sailor, to let the boat plough the waves and security forward, is you inescapable responsibility. Once suffer risks as storms, rocks and waves etc., you should try to make the ship ashore security instead of escaping. For each employee, stand together with the company is always your sacred duty. If you are irresponsible for work, the ship would probably sink into the sea, all the people will die because of your negligence. Therefore, you should be with people on the ship at any time, no matter what happened, you should be responsible and stand together with the company, do your work with the whole heart.
From stand together with the company------Marton.R
Personnel selection:   
The principle for us to select personnel is that they possess professional ethics and vocational skills, agree with Sciyon’s corporate culture, and are able to make contribution to our company. 
We do not blindly believe academic diploma, qualification, experience, ability and potential, and persons possessing extraordinary comprehension ability, self-study ability and application ability and possessing good quality as well are the targets which we are making every effort to search for, cultivate and introduce. 
We are looking for those who can move partners, move Sciyon, move customers, and move themselves through their own practical actions. 
“We are searching for people, searching for those who like to win victory; if we fail to search for such people, we will search for those persons who hate failure.” 
Personnel placement:  
“Evaluate heroes with results, take performance as orientation” is one of most basic methods for Sciyon to evaluate employees’ ability and performance level; 
“No noble and humble work posts, all employees of our company, regardless of their positions and posts, are all equal in personality”; 
We believe that only those who are positively and actively devoted into work have opportunities for success, can improve their present situation, and own more glorious future and tomorrow;
“Highly respecting work and keep improving” is the work style of Sciyon people, “devoting all our talent to customers and products” is the essential quality of our excellent employees, we believe firmly: success is neither from intelligence, nor only from ability, but from thought and effort; 
Personnel cultivation:  
We respect and show concern on every employee, try our best to create a working atmosphere with fairness and justice, mutual care, smooth communication and positiveness, and jointly build a excellent working environment and development platform.
We firmly believe that education and training are the most important, and devote ourselves to creating an environment suitable for employees’ development and encouraging and supporting employees’ study; 
Our company attaches importance to career development space of employees so as to make Sciyon’s qualified employees have stronger employment competitive power, make our knowledge type employees constantly improve their skill levels, and provide our employees with challenging jobs;  
Take company’s needs as the starting point, learn in the work, and grow in study.  
Personnel retention:  
Influence people with Sciyon career, appeal people with attractive remuneration, cohesion people with outstanding cultural, create people with excellent condition.
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