SCIYON, anenterprise taking the technology innovation as the core competitiveness,invented and created many new products, new technologies for industrialautomation and information. It provides customers with advanced automation andinformation technology products, systems and solutions through continuousinnovation and creativity, making profound changes in China and the world.

Sustainedinvestment: More than 100 million RMB/year

Leadingplatforms: six R&D platforms

Strong team:Nearly 300 R&D Staffs.

Fruitfulresults: more than 30 national/provincial-level science and technologyachievements, more than 100 patents and more than 200 software copyrights.

Six R&D platforms

Jiangsu Thermal Process Intelligent Control Key Laboratory

Jiangsu Engineering Research Center forThermal Automation

SCIYON Postdoctoral Programme

 Jiangsu Enterprise Postgraduate Workstation

Southeast University-SCIYON Joint Research Center

Jiangsu Software Enterprises Technical Center

JiangsuThermal Process Intelligent Control Key Laboratory

JiangsuThermal Process Intelligent Control Key Laboratory, one of key laboratoriesconstructed by relying on enterprises for the first batch in Jiangsu, has two R&Doffices, one Dept., and one center, and sets up an academiccommittee.
More than 60 R&D staffs in the key laboratory. Moreover, the laboratory yieldssubstantial research achievements in such fields as thermal process intelligentcontrol, intelligent manufacturing and specific-purpose robots, and developed many advanced thermal process intelligent control technology withproprietary intellectual property rights for china needed, make outstanding contributions to promote china'sindustrial automation level.

R&D Condition

Boasting a10000m2 modernized and informationized office environment, SCIYON R&D Center has severalR&D departments based on different research directions as well as platformdepartments for product engineering, test, R&D management, etc.

The R&Dprocess fully follows ISO9001 quality management system standards and capacitymaturity model CMMI Class 3 requirements, and to realize collaborative R&Dof multiple projects based on the full life cycle product data managementsystem, the independently-developed project management system, and the strictinformation security strategies.

TheR&D Center has relatively powerful software and hardware R&D capacity,cross-platform product development experience onmultiple embedded real-time operating systems and desktop operating systems,and professional design and development capability on embedded software andhardware, desktop application software, information management software andlarge electromechanical system, providing customers with the most cutting-edgeand reliable industrial automation and information technologies, products andservices.
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