The Begining

Founded“Nanjingkeyuan Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd.“, The first domestic intelligent instrument supplier.

Rapid Development

Successfully Developed The First Generation Of NT6000 Distributed Control System, And Successfully Applied In Several Projects, As the earliest domestic DCS.

In 1997, launched the first generation of DCS which was successfullyapplied in 2X135MW  unit of Nanjing Xiaguan Power Plant

Technical Review Meeting of NanjingXiaguan Power Plant


Keyuan instrument wasrenamed "Nanjing KeyuanControl Engineering Co., LTD."

NT6000 was listed in the "Manufacturers recommended for main auxiliary equipment for 200MW thermal power unit of power engineering in STATE GRID Corporation of China" as the first batch.

NameListed Certificate

The first Digital Electric-Hydraulic Control System (DEH) R&D in China was successfully put into operation.

Successfully won bids of the whole plant's DCS and SIS projects of multiple power plants such as Jiangyin Sulong, Guoxin Huaiyin and hangzhou Banshan, and Put into operation successfully, KeyuanControl performance explosive growth.

Jiangyin Sulong Power Plant     Hangzhou Banshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.


"NT6000"supporting a plurality of fieldbus technologies was successfully developed.to become the China's first set of compatible with a variety of field bus distributed control system.

Identified as a "Key High-tech Enterprise of China Torch Program" by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

China Torch Program Key High-tech Enterprise

Founded "Nanjing SCIYON Driving Technology Co., Ltd.", start equipment automation product development and production.

Founded "Nanjing SCIYON Automation Group Co., LTD.", Integratethe Process Industry, Discrete Industrial Automation and Information Technology.

SCIYONControl topped the Forbes 100 list of China's potential.

SCIYON Group Won The "National 100Excellent Private Enterprises"

Industry leader

Founded "Nanjing SCIYON Automation Group Co., Ltd.", and the organization form was changed to co., LTD., enterprise scale and popularity among the top three.

Exterior Scene of SCIYONSiemensRoadPark

NT6000 Was Putinto Operation In The 1000MW Unit Of Guodian Taizhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. For The First Time, Creating A Precedent Of DCS Technology Applied In Auxiliary Workshop Centralized Control Of The 1000MW Unit InChina.

Guodian Taizhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.

Founded"Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for Thermal Automation" and "SCIYON Postdoctoral Programme", Top talent to join, improved SCIYON scientific research strength.

NT6000 DCS was successfully put into operation in Datang Nanjing Power Plant.

Nanjing Datang Power Plant

"SCIYON jiulonghuTechnology Park" construction, Floor Area is 100,000m2.

SyncBASE large real-time database pass technical review, Become one of the few domestic with completely independent intellectual property rights of large real-time database.

NT6000 DCS pass the scientific and technological achievements appraisal, Leading Chinese and international advanced level.

Successful listing
SCIYON was successfully listed on the Shenzhen SME Board,Stock code: 002380.

Sound the listing bell

Founded "Energy System And Control System Joint Research Center", Leading High Automation Research Energy Field

SY8000 Turbine Digital Electro-Hydraulic Governor Completed and Published, SCIYON entry Into The ship and Military fields.

"SCIYON" Are Considered "Famous Brand".

First Founded "Jiangsu Intelligent Industry Alliance", Leadership development of jiangsu industrial automation and information technology industry.

Intelligent Industry Allianceof JiangsuProvince

Founded "SCIYON Intelligent Industry Institute".

"SCIYON Binjiang Industrial Park" construction, Floor Area is 42,000m2.

Design Effect Sketch of SCIYONBinjiangEquipmentIndustrial Park

“SCIYON Smart Cloud” Of China’sFirst Industrial Cloud Was Officially Launched, Let The Industrial Into The Era Of Cloud.

In Jakarta, Indonesia, set up the first office, Began to globalization Development.

Founded "Jiangsu Thermal Process Intelligent Control Key Laboratory", as the first batch of key laboratories in enterprise in Jiangsu, fully promote the SCIYON R&D Power.

SCIYON Software won the bid of the Control-Management Integration Information System (CMIS) project of Shandong Weiqiao Aluminum & Power Co., Ltd. The self-developed Syncbase real-time database with more than 500,000 points, being the largest in China and taking the lead in the world.

The 20th Anniversary Ceremonial Event of SCIYON
Layout industry 4
First Founded "Jiangsu Information Enterprise(Intelligent Industry and Robot)Joint RD & Innovation Center", Plan for industry 4.

Founded “Nanjing SCIYON Electronic Technology Co., Ltd”.

Comprehensive layout "Made-in-China2025" and "Industry 4.0", and construct "NanjingIntelligent Manufacturing and Robot Engineering Research Center"

SCIYON condenser on-line cleaning robot was successfully put into operation in Guoxin Huaiyin, Jiangyin Solong and Datang Nanjing Power Plant, Make robot enter into traditional flow industry field for the first time.

SCIYON selected the first batch of "smart plant" construction plan in Nanjing.

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