Seek truth scientifically, good faith wins more.

“Seek truth scientifically, good faith wins more” is the foundation of SCIYON culture, fully embodying our concepts of production management, R&D management, hospitality and dream pursuance. With the development of SCIYON, the constant accumulation of classic cultures, and the incessant inclusion of young cultures, SCIYON culture embraces continuously refining and sublimation.
——SCIYON chairman

Dream and future

Two decadesis just a small step of SCIYON for building a time-honored brand. Nowadays, SCIYONis undergoing radical changes, and we will build SCIYON into a world brand aswell as a national brand by pursuing the dream of “Fill industry with wisdom”,sticking to the spirit of “Seek truth scientifically, good faith wins more”,inheriting traditions and carrying on in the future. We are unswerving withfaiths, and we are marching on with dreams.


Innovation drives rapid development

Two decades ago, over ten founders of SCIYON started abusiness with several kinds of instruments in the rented office in Shengtai Community.Now, a powerful team of over one thousand members is constantly providinginnovative products and solutions in multiple fields such as industrialautomation and informationization in the modernized Jiulonghu Science andTechnology Park and Riverside Industrial Park. The rapid development driven byinnovation is the condensation of the superior pride and glory of SCIYONpeople.

The great changes in SCIYON park

Rapid development team

Build a stage for a dream

SCIYON provides a stage of “Youth and dream” for every young man,attracting numerous young men in high and vigorous spirits. Here, with SCIYONas our home, we work hard for youth, we constantly fight for dreams, and wepresent challenges, innovations, revolutions and changes every day; here, wecultivate and harvest, and strive for ourselves, the family, the country andthe world.

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