Sciyon is a leader in the field of thermal automation and power plant informatization, devoted to supplying process industrial automation control solutions, creates maximum value for customers.
Sciyon vision, Sciyon mission, Sciyon spirit— is the common dream which every Sciyon employee pursues.
Through more than ten years continuous innovation, from Sciyon proposed a concept of complete solution for thermal power plant automation officially in 2001, Sciyon has become one of the few suppliers whose product chain covered the whole field of thermal automation, truly provide a complete solution for thermal automation.power informatization.
Sciyon owns a professional development team covers the field of automation instrumentation, control systems, management information system, with the development experience of several generations of product and service, over a decade of automation and informatizion technology development, thousands of projects’ practices.
“Taking the market as the lead, and taking customer as the center”. Around the companys development strategy, Sciyon focuses on marketing and increases communication and corporation with foreign partners.
With its advanced technology, Sciyon always insist on independent innovation, and was widely recognized in automation industry.
The headquarters is located in Siemens Road, Jiangning Development Zone, Nanjing City, China. The new park under construction will become the development and production base of process automation and field instrumentation, and at the same time, will become the largest and the only base for process automation and field instrumentation development and production.
Sciyon is making efforts to becoming a most influential high-tech enterprise in the domestic automation control field by basing itself on long-term development of automation industry.
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